Lincolnshire IL Homes for Sale

Diane Geissler and Edie Love know Lincolnshire real estate. Their combined efforts

Diane Geissler Homes for sale in Lincolnshire IL 60069

Diane Geissler

have produced hundreds of sales within the village. You will experience a dedicated team that will give you twice the knowledge, twice the effort and twice the results.


Bringing unmatched experience to the real estate marketplace, Diane and Edie are also village residents and are connected to the community like no other team.

They are consistently the highest ranking team in Lincolnshire with the most listings

Edie Love - Homes for Sales in Lincolnshire IL 60069

Edie Love

and sales compared with any other real estate agents. You will enjoy working with professionals that go the extra mile to make sure that your experience with them is the most rewarding and effortless part of your move.






Some of the homes sold by Diane and Edie in Lincolnshire